Mount Tabor Runner’s Boot Camp is designed for endurance athletes seeking to improve their performance, fitness regulars looking for an extra boost to their weekly workout regimen, and novices needing the motivation to see what they are made of in the world of running (or cycling, mountain climbing, or any other endurance sport). Classes meet once per week in Mount Tabor Park, with a varying program that blends cardio, strength and conditioning in a fun, invigorating workout outside.

Led by certified personal trainer, Natalie Lozano (Wessel), the goals of the program are to teach you new ideas that you can take home, challenge you in new ways, and inspire you to raise your current level of fitness to the next step up.

Join us at our next boot camp this January and train for the Shamrock Race in March. Click on “Classes + Registration” for more information.


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Bruce Chawrun says:

    HI Natalie,
    My name is Bruce . I live Vancouver , Canada, and would love to
    join your class on Monday October 14 and possibly Thursday October 17.
    Do you allow drop ins from people from out of town.
    I am involved in a boot camp in my own city.
    Thank you

    Bruce Chawrun

  2. jazmin9367 says:

    I’d like to start training for the Eugene marathon July 27. I’ve run halfs and full marathons before but never with any speed. I’d like to talk to you about getting a training program and increasing my speed. Shoot me an email and let me know how you work things.
    Thank you,
    Tiffini Gibbs

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